Chef Kadie is a wife, mom and small business woman, culinary instructor, writer, caterer, Personal Chef, recipe developer and paralegal. She went to college at age 50 and graduated with honors with a Bachelors degree.  Chef Kadie earned her culinary chops by working in restaurants starting at age 15.  She has run a successful Personal Chef business and catering business as well.

Chef Kadie has taken classes from the Culinary Institute of America through their Pro Chef program. She and her family also owned their own culinary business and she worked as the Executive Chef developing recipes for the franchise.

Chef Kadie is passionate about cheesecakes! She researched cheesecake by asking questions of the bakers of the cheesecakes that she loved. From that research she developed the “perfect” cheesecake and has since developed many different flavors. She is an avid chocoholic and realizes that the world does not exist in absence of good high quality chocolate!

Her family includes her husband, two sons, two daughters-in-laws, their adopted family Dano, Heather, Alison, Cassi, Emma, Dustin, Cassie, Matt,  their beloved Bouviers, Max & Jazz, a grand cat Baxter and  grand pups,  Ella, Quyn, Dexter, Ollie, Luc & Data.


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