Why are all the Tasty Foods Carbs?

I LOVE carbs…all kinds of carbs. I subscribe to a blog called “Plain Chicken“. Funny story goes with the blog, go  check it out…anyhoo, she has a recipe for one of MY favorite ultimate junk fast food, she calls them “biscuit beignets” I call them FABULOUS…what are they ? Full-fledged, high-octane, balls to walls, FRIED CARBS. (seriously does it get any better than fried anything? Can ya say with me…fried candy bars! 🙂 uh yeahya). All I know is if I were to actually make and eat them…it would be bal-oe-tt (bloat) city. Would it be ooo-that’s good? yes for about a grand total of 15 seconds…then all hell would break loose…so I am going to develop a gluten-free (still) carby way to imbibe those lovelies…(hey nobody’s perfect) when I have it all ready to go, I will post it here first…

For now…remember chebe bread…(go there order the mix, its easier then foraging for the ingredients unless of course you live in Brazil :0) they are lovely little cheesy puffs that are already gluten-free and delisioso…they have a cinnamon chebe that is to die for…chebe bread is made with manioc-

Manioc is a sub-tropical plant with a tuber-type root. The root is what is processed for the many food products that are derived from this plant. Manioc is also known as cassava, yucca, and tapioca. Yes, tapioca pudding comes from the manioc root!

Chebe bread is a Brazilian comfort food, a former client’s husband was a Dr. originally from Brazil and he loved the things, when  she found out I made them, she begged me to make them for her, which I happily did. They are also very amenable to freezing (unbaked), then you just pop em into the oven frozen and voila bada boom bada bing…chebe…

The Chef


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