Luzianne Gumbo Mix

Okay – I know it’s a mix, but it is YUM.  I made the seafood version and added a pound of  shrimp (raw/frozen) and canned crabmeat.   The package includes the ground red pepper separately so you can adjust the heat to your liking.  Half the packet worked for us.

I had never seen this mix before.  I know Luzianne is (or was?) primarily a southern brand, but I did find it also on and just in case you can’t find it at your local store.  Give it a try if you want gumbo but don’t have all day to make a roux and chop the holy trinity.  It’s easy, quick and mighty tasty!!


One response to “Luzianne Gumbo Mix

  1. thecookingstudioonline

    Luzianne is a southern brand and we are cool with eazy peazy. Even as a culinary professional quick is good! How many people have never had Gumbo because it looked daunting to make! This is a great way to get someone on their culinary discovery road!
    The Chef

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